Rama Lila: From Vishnu toward Krishna
March 22, 2018 – 12:33 am | 12 Comments

Rama lila draws us beyond Vaikuntha by speaking to us of the possibility of sakhya, vatsalya, and madhurya even while it does not afford us those opportunities itself. In this way it indirectly points to Krishna lila.

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Christ, Krishna, Caitanya
December 25, 2017 – 12:33 am | 3 Comments
Christ, Krishna, Caitanya

Within the Krishna conception we find Sri Krishna Caitanya, the sacrificing half of the equation of love, Krishna endowed with Radha’s love for himself. In this manifestation of the Krishna conception we also find “the way” personified. Sri Krishna Caitanya did not die on the cross, but he did forego the love of Visnupriya.

Is Krishna Unfair to Us?
December 21, 2017 – 12:33 am | 5 Comments
Is Krishna Unfair to Us?

By practicing sadhana-bhakti, the jiva becomes imbued with the svarupa-sakti, as a combination of its hladini and samvit aspects, descending into the heart of the jiva. Attaining svarupa-siddhi, the jiva becomes immersed in the endless ocean of unlimited bliss full of prema-bhakti.

The Life of Sri Jiva Goswami
December 18, 2017 – 12:30 am | 10 Comments
The Life of Sri Jiva Goswami

Sri Jiva turned his back on this illusory world to tell us of another, which, as it turns out, is no more than this world when viewed through eyes anointed with divine love.

Gopi Vastra-harana Lila: Part Two
December 14, 2017 – 12:33 am | 6 Comments
Gopi Vastra-harana Lila: Part Two

Krishna asked the girls to wear only their smile as they came out of the water. Similarly, we should never begrudge one who asks us to bare our soul.