Yoga and Science
September 18, 2017 – 12:33 am | No Comment

Ancient Hindus used mathematical calculations to arrive at their sense of time within narratives suggesting a hidden, divine meaning behind the physical world.

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Reason and Love
June 22, 2017 – 12:33 am | No Comment
Reason and Love

Reason may be properly styled as the servant of love and must always be subject to her in all her hopes, aspirations, and holy works.

Six Pro Tips for Japa
June 19, 2017 – 12:33 am | No Comment
Six Pro Tips for Japa

Comic by Krsangi dasi

Irreducible Consciousness
June 15, 2017 – 12:33 am | No Comment
Irreducible Consciousness

There is nothing like consciousness in the brain, nor is there an evolutionary place for it since evolution is conceived of as a continuous process that molds preexisting properties into more complex forms but which cannot produce entirely novel properties. Consciousness is clearly such a novel property.

After New Atheism
June 12, 2017 – 12:33 am | No Comment
After New Atheism

The atheist spring that began just over a decade ago is over, thank God. Richard Dawkins is now seen by many, even many non-believers, as a joke figure, shaking his fist at sky fairies. He’s the Mary Whitehouse of our day.