Kala-Krsna Dasa and the Mercy of the Vaishnavas
May 22, 2017 – 12:33 am | 5 Comments

The line of causeless mercy is extending from the center, but the extension gets the more intense position. In this way we find the servants are more benevolent than even their Lord. It is inconceivable.

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Teachers and Masters
January 2, 2017 – 12:33 am | 17 Comments
Teachers and Masters

In honor of Swami B. V. Tripurari’s 63rd Vyasa Puja celebration, the following lecture on the subject of spiritual masters is adapted from a lecture given by Huston Smith in 2003.

The Life of Sri Jiva Goswami
December 29, 2016 – 12:30 am | 9 Comments
The Life of Sri Jiva Goswami

Sri Jiva turned his back on this illusory world to tell us of another, which, as it turns out, is no more than this world when viewed through eyes anointed with divine love.

Consciousness and Dreamless Sleep
December 26, 2016 – 12:33 am | No Comment
Consciousness and Dreamless Sleep

Deep, dreamless sleep has long been thought of as a state of unconsciousness, but in a new paper, several researchers suggest that consciousness may not completely disappear when the mind recedes into deep sleep.

Are You the Lord’s Handmaiden?
December 25, 2016 – 12:33 am | No Comment
Are You the Lord’s Handmaiden?

When the angel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she was the bear the Son of God, Mary, a young girl perhaps no more than sixteen, was drawing water from a well. It was during this mundane act in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Nazareth that the most profound decision was ever made: a woman accepted to have God dwell in her.