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Vegetarian Genetics

Dr. Nabeel Yaseen of Northwestern University and his team studied the DNA of 330,000 people to examine if genetics could influence vegetarianism. They discovered 34 genes, with three strongly tied to the trait, possibly affecting the pursuit of a strict vegetarian diet. The genes are speculated to involve lipid metabolism, potentially influencing individuals\' dietary needs. More research is required, considering factors like ethnicity. The study doesn\'t suggest completely eliminating meat, as reducing consumption has significant health and environmental benefits....


Gopi Vastra-harana Lila: Part One

Some people worship the right person for the wrong thing, others the wrong person for the right thing. However, If we worship Krishna for any reason, we will ultimately attain love of Krishna...


Impediments to Devotion

The six defects of over-accumulation, materialistic endeavor, unnecessary talk, rejecting the rules meant for one’s self and following the rules meant for others, association with non-devotees, and fickle-mindedness are detrimental to devotion...


Eat, Pray, Kill: The Basic Brutality of Eating

The article by Beatrice Marovich discusses the ethics of meat consumption, integrating spiritual, cultural, and logistic perspectives. It observes that while vegetarianism and veganism can be seen as the moral choices due to the inherent violence of meat consumption, factors such as geographical constraints have forced some societies to consume meat as a \"necessary evil\". It suggests that the complexity of these ethics shows the diversity of solutions, urging continued ethical discussion....

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