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What’s Behind the Glass of Milk?

The business of producing milk is sustained by a process of relentless cruelty towards animals, from birth till death, with little letup. Cruelty compounded by poorly defined, poorly implemented methods and gross violations...


Aho Bhagyam! Aho Bhagyam!

The spirit of this seva was reverential worship not of Narayana, but rather reverential worship of the raga-marga itself, with the idea that sadhakas giving proper respect to this highest of ideals would in turn cause its ragatmikas to take notice of them and give them entrance into this realm, crossing over such reverence....


Impediments to Devotion

The six defects of over-accumulation, materialistic endeavor, unnecessary talk, rejecting the rules meant for one’s self and following the rules meant for others, association with non-devotees, and fickle-mindedness are detrimental to devotion...


Celebrating 10 Years of the Harmonist

This month the Harmonist celebrates ten years online. Launched in April 2009 with inspiration from Swami B.V. Tripurari, we have published over 1,000 articles exploring the depths of Gaudiya Vedanta and how modern thought and intellectual trends interface with the tradition of Caitanya Vaisnavism...

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