Mutated Milk?

Does the majority of milk produced in the Western world contain a chance mutation that causes a host of diseases? The jury is still out, but the businesspeople are certainly in.


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  1. Bijaya Kumara Das Brian D Grover

    This may be very true.

    It is the same for disease caused by Nutrasweet which is a 3 change protein that has been shown to cause strokes. aspartanine.

    Proteins used by the body are an acromim MILLER (mithionine,isolucine, etcetra) and any other proteins that are taken in are converted to these to be used or excreted when the 8 and some say 10 (histine and ?)essential amion acids are at satisfactory levels. please forgive me it has been 30 years since
    I studied this. The body uses L aminos and D sugars or 50% of what we eat is digested the rest is excreted.



  2. Bijaya Kumara Das Brian D Grover

    B. S. B. A. Nutrition and Dietetics, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks 1981

    Brian D Grover

  3. So organic milk from cows can be carcinogenic? That is very disturbing. What will the devotees do now?

  4. I do not think the evidence is nearly conclusive enough to say that. If you watch the full documentary it is pretty hard to sort out what is really going on. Regardless, the A2 corporation only promotes pasteurized homogenized milk, which can cause heart disease anyway. I think devotees should be making an effort to get all raw milk.

    But again the research now is very inconclusive.

  5. Raw milk caused cancer to certain devotees, right?

  6. I have not heard such a thing, but I do not know why it would be devotees specifically. I have not seen anything I can recall about raw milk and cancer anywhere (except for that it is beneficial).

  7. Audarya-lila dasa

    There was nothing in the documentary about a link to cancer in either A1 or A2 milk. The research has been centered around diabetes, heart disease and Autism. Most of the research appears to have been conducted on the diabetes link and the evidence is inconclusive based on what was presented in this documentary.

    I was a little surprised that the documentary spent so little time talking about the single amino acid difference between the two casein proteins. At any rate, I agree with the comment that it is extrememly unlikely that a single amino acid difference in the casein protein is responsible for diabetes, heart disease and various neurological disorders.

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