The End of Food


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  1. I watched this video to completion and was taken aback with the giggling in the room and the hypocrisy that existed from the speaker to the audience. By adopting a vegan/vegetarian diet, in which someone grows their own food, is the key to sustainability. It is so odd to me that these people grandstand about sustainability and saving the planet all while eating animals. Prabhupada’s ideal of simple living and high thinking is applicable to anyone, anywhere. Audarya is a wonderful example of Prabhupada’s desire. For vegetarians, we need to start saving seeds, seeing as how Monsanto owns 90% of the seeds out there, very little these days are non GMO…

  2. Truth is, the eating of animal flesh does not necessarily mean the loss of the planet. Its the imbalance, too much meat, which has tipped the scale towards drastic changes in climate (and even that is disputed in some circles). What individuals such as Paul Roberts believe is that moderate meat consumption is ok for the planet. And that is as far as they go regarding non meat – for them, home raised animals are in fact an essential aspect of sustainability (see demeter international certification standards). So sustainability and ahimsa are not really synonyms. What Bhaktivedanta Swami spoke about wasn’t sustainability for the sake of the planet. He spoke about vegetarianism with a great deal of dairy comsumption, for the sake of a transition from food to sacrosanct food. Two very radically distinct concepts. The latter seems to be the only and real sustainable option, considering how history has shown that a little taste of blood wasn’t enough for human society. There has to be ever increasing quantities of it. This contradiction (to expect humanity to reduce meat comsumption by suggesting a return to ways of producing it better) is a fact that activists such as Paul Roberts obviously fail to even realize, what to speak of sensibly address.

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