Sri Sri Dauji Gopala Arrive in Latin America

altarBy Harmonist Staff

vande ‘ham sri rama-krsnau
abhaya-carana sakhau
sukhadau paramanandau
sundarau subala-priyau

I worship Sri Sri Rama-Krishna, the two friends whose feet bestow fearlessness, who give happiness, who are full of the greatest bliss, who are beautiful, and who are dear to Subala.

Today under the auspices of Swami Tripurari, the residents of Madhuvan, Costa Rica established the deities of Sri Sri Dauji Gopala—their first appearance in Latin America. Madhuvan is 150 acre self-sustaining spiritual community located in the province of Guanacaste on the west coast of Costa Rica. The auspicious event is the culmination of two plus years of pioneering seva, taming the mountain jungle and harnessing its natural resources for divine service.

lowFog1000The project began when local farmer Don Emel Garcia of seventy-five years had all but lost his lifelong land holding to the local cattle association, who in the name of lending had every intention of acquiring Emel’s land for itself. When Emel could no longer afford the association’s thirty percent interest rates, he was blessed in the final hour by sadhu sanga, and devotees from around the world rallied to pay off his mortgage in return for half of his property, allowing him to keep the balance that he would otherwise have lost.

Today the residents of Madhuvan and Don Emel’s family are legendary in Belen De Nicoya and serve as an excellent example of community and spirituality. Juan Garcia, Emel’s oldest son, who was born on the same land fifty plus years ago, now serves as its resident caretaker, teaching the other devotees the local wisdom of the land while gradually learning from them the Vaishnava sadacara. In the words of Swami Tripurari, “Juan’s service attitude is an example for all of my students.” The two share a unique bond of love for one another and the land.

Gaura_and_ShyamThe installation of Dauji Gopala was prefaced by much hard work and dedication by all those involved. To date, the devotees at Madhuvan have established an on-site micro hydro electric generator, developed road systems and hiking and horseback trails, arranged the gravity flow water system to the land’s many building sites (for houses and cabins), cultivated vegetables, fruits, grains, and sugar, and maintained a cow-care/dairy production program. Still to come is the development of Madhuvan’s methane gas facility and various construction projects, including the final temple complex and a retreat center.

The property is naturally divided by the foot hills of the mountain on which it sits—the tallest in the area—into three divisions, where the retreat center, monastery, and residences are planned.

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10 Responses to Sri Sri Dauji Gopala Arrive in Latin America

  1. All glories, all glories to the most beautiful and loving
    Sri Sri Dauji Gopal!
    May They kindly bless us all.
    Thank you to H.H.Tripurari Swami and to all the Madhuvan devotees for their hard work and dedication for the benefit of all the living entities.

    May we learn to serve them well.

  2. Though I have been following this project since it’s creation in Swami Tripurari’s mind, I am literally stunned by this power of spiritual manifestation and creation. I have no doubt that this project will be an absolute success and with the presence of Sri Sri Dauji-Gopal to harness the devotees love even more, it has unlimited potential. Can’t wait to visit and serve! All glories to the shakti of the sadhu!

  3. After so much devotion, Their Lordships have graciously appeared in such beautiful forms! My repeated dandavats to Tripurari Swami and all the devotees who made this possible!

  4. These kind events are only possible by Guru’s mercy and grace and the hard work of devotees. Dauji Gopal have chosen a very wonderful place to live in Latin America.
    I can’t wait to see Madhuvan myself. It is so hard to wait after knowing that Dauji Gopal is there.

  5. The murtis are terribly gorgeous indeed; coupled with the pristine charm of the locale, this indeed appears to be Vrndavana descended on to Central America, literally. If only I were sufficiently lucky to visit there, …!

  6. Very nice verse at the beginning of the article. Should it be krsnau rather than krsanu?

  7. Jaya! Jaya!

    All glories to Sri Sri Dauji-Gopala! How stunningly beautiful they are!

    The beginning sloka is so sweet and beautiful, too. I wrote it down immediately for personal use in prayer.

  8. Dear Tripurari Maharaja
    Congradulations! Pranams

    I was looking at Syamsundara’s facebook photos of Their Lordships
    Sri Sri Dauji Gopal! and felt very happy to see such a first class project going on there at Madhuvan. The cows,land and of course the Deities are so well cared for. The devotees are so hard working and
    pure hearted. At first I was wondering who was behind this great plan,when I heard it was you I was delighted. Wishing you all the best!
    your little sister
    Mohini of BC Canada

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