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9 Responses to Svarupa-siddhi

  1. I think I’ve met these two before.

  2. Classic!

  3. It’s obvious that the Maharaja has not attained svarupa-siddhi, because he is driving a Mercedes. If he were truly spiritual, he would be driving a Honda. Kinda makes you wonder about how odd a modern swami can be when drives down the road in his Mercedes with his danda sticking out the window.

    What kind of Frankenswami has Srila Prabhupada created in the western world?


    • Well, the Mercedes may be the least of this Swami’s problems although it does contribute to the humor. However, in his defense, the bhakti marga does advocate the dynamic idea of “nitya sannyasa”, so Honda or Mercedes or better yet Toyota Prius all can be utilized.

  4. LOL! Hilarious!

  5. Whoever is that swami driving, hes on his way to the perfect location. No doubt.

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