Big Band Theory

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  1. Audarya-lila dasa

    Very imaginative and funny. Good job Gurunistha!!!!!

  2. I don’t see what’s funny about this… Beautiful music happens all the time without musicians!

  3. This looks like the kind of band that would be favored by impersonalists, also.

  4. And there is really no one listening either.

  5. Gopa Kumara Das

    Sounding comes from noting.

  6. Gopa Kumara Das

    Seems like a sound theory to me!

    • Despite producing no actual sound but only notes that cannot be verified, the Big Band Theory is widely featured in the public school system. On this account, some parents are demanding that the immediate practice of religous choir music and such other alleged sacred sounds be made available to students in every public school in the country.

  7. Gopa Kumara Das

    This Big Band Theory may be difficult to harmonize…

  8. Citta Hari dasa

    Very punny, Gopa Kumara. Keep ’em coming.

  9. I might be out of them…. I was going on an invisible rhythm.

  10. However, I love hearing from you Cittster, though I miss your company. I think of you when I pass by Andrettis and Ricker’s…

    I guess some things need to be seen and not just heard…..

  11. We need a rimshot audio file for Gopa Kumara’s zingers.

  12. Dear Babhru Prabhu… I think that a rimshot audio file would be great if it had an intelligent design. It could help my puns end with a big bang.

  13. Jagannatha dasa

    thats a good one 🙂

  14. KrsnaCaitanya dasi

    Just wonderful and simple visual of impersonalism! Excellent. Thanks KrsnaCaitanya dasi

  15. Vamsidhari dasa

    Hey is that me on alto sax? 🙂

  16. i like your do

  17. What an useful document, continue authoring friend

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