Glimpses of Audarya Asrama

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  1. O sweet life of devotion!

  2. What song is being sung in this video? Who is singing it?

  3. Audarya-lila dasa

    Yamunastakam. Karnamrita dasi

  4. Vrajendra Nandana

    This song is one of my favorites. I listen to it again and again. And if it happens that I don’t for a while then I am each time surprised on hearing it once again how much this song moves me. Somehow it speaks to the longing of my soul, although I have to admit that I never looked into the translation (I don’t have it). But the combination of the mood of the music and of the voice, the topic “Yamuna”, the names of sweet Krsna and Radhika – all of this is so touching.

    I remember 18 years ago as a novice in a German temple being all alone I wondered: “What is this beautiful song “Jaya Radha Madhava” about?” I looked for the translation in a vaisnava-songbook and was so touched by the line: “Krsna moves through the forests along the shore of the river Yamuna.” I thought “How is it possible that this simple picture in my mind moves me so much?”

    Thank you for the beautiful impressions of Audarya along with the sweet music.

  5. This was just beautiful… I miss that holy place.

  6. Govinda Ram Dasa

    Audaraya is a beautiful place with a strong sense of spiritual serenity,but what enhances it beyond words alone is the presense of our Guru Maharaj Swami Tripurari and by his grace we experience this Isavasya….with in love of bhakti ..Govinda Ram Dasa

  7. Beautiful just as I remembered it… excellent photography capturing the ones I love including my Meow Meow…

  8. A beautiful presentation. Is this piece of land the same property that was used by Tirthapada Maharaja in the early 80’s up by Philo? I remember yurts, the geodesic-templeroom, and a pathway with stones lining it which we painted sky blue. If you guys find a blue rock around the forest, I DID THAT! haha Blessings on all the devotees at Sri Chaitanya Sanga at Audarya!!!

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