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  1. prahlada bhakta dasa

    Dear Gurunishta Prabhu,
    i didn’t really get the meaning of this comic. Can you please give some hint?
    Thank you.

  2. Dandavats Prahlad Bhaktaji,

    The idea is that some people get really puffed up from theoretical knowledge and wear it as some kind of an external “thing” and less advanced devotees give much regard for that, although the very proof of someone possessing real sambandha-jnana is that they are humble and not interested in distinction.

    • Prahlada Bhakta

      In case you did not know owing to a language or cultural difference, the play on words in the comic is the use of “some bandana” instead of sambandha. In english a “bandana” is a “head band.”

      • prahlada bhakta dasa

        Respected Srila Tripurari Maharaja,
        Dandavat pranaams at your lotus feet,
        Thank you for clarifying it. It was indeed a language difference.

        Gurunistha Prabhu,
        Thank you for explaining the meaning of the comic. It is a good reminder for myself to not be puffed-up by having more scriptural information than other devotees. Instead i should put the scriptural knowledge into practice in my own life and the natural result would be that i will develop genuine humility, pridelessness, etc.
        Thank you once again.

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