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  1. Um…isn’t he ending up in speculation himself?

  2. O my youthful artificial renunciation, how you have tricked me into thinking I was actually advanced and getting close to the spiritual platform–as I thought, “Only a few more years and the flower airplande will come and I’m out of here.” That didn’t happen after 12 years, and I had to go with plan B, which meant serious introspection in dealing with life issues to find my material self, which has turned out pretty well!

  3. It’s really funny… but in some degree maybe it’s a necessary path for something, how happened a Karnamrta in 12 years, wooow! but I’m sure there was a lot of wealth in teachings for others, thanks and too a Prema Bhakti Dasi for her blog “Strengh in change” and commentators. Some time ago I had a concern to ask about several commentators what happened in special Jessica, Ishan Das and Lalasamayi Sullivan. I’m interested in knowing that or those links generals or more specifics recognized that led to change or take some path, maybe to the path more light (step by step) or hard (more direct) of Bhaktivinod Thakur and Bhaktisiddhanta each other. =)

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