Inconvenient Tattva

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  1. Why is it “inconvinient”?

    • Because Hinduism in general considers Krishna to be an incarnation of Vishnu, so it’s inconvenient for the mainstream of Hinduism.

  2. Particularly Madhva and Sri Vaishnavas…I grew up in South India and it took me me a lot of time to convince myself that Sri Krishna is the Supreme…and even Sri Vishnu is his expansion…I could convince myself only after reading the Narayana Upanishad and the Gopala-tapani Upanishad.

  3. Especially,in its concluding verses where Sri Krishna was described as turiyatiah…because the exchanges between his devotees cannot be found in any other of his incarnations?If sri Krishna is described by that word,then do his personal expansions like Sri Ramachandra do not have that feature?I am a bit confused.

  4. Very interesting testimony, but the link has been not founded. Thank you very much. Dandavats. =)

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