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A Christmas Crisis
December 23, 2018 – 4:33 am | No Comment
A Christmas Crisis

Most people don’t like to think about the effect that buying meat has on animals and the environment. Few are even aware of the plight of slaughter workers. But market forces are simple – every time you put meat in your shopping trolley, you are funding the slaughter, globally, of 70bn farmed animals each year, the destruction of the environment and yes, the exploitation of vulnerable workers.

Are You the Lord’s Handmaiden?
December 20, 2018 – 12:33 am | One Comment
Are You the Lord’s Handmaiden?

When the angel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she was the bear the Son of God, Mary, a young girl perhaps no more than sixteen, was drawing water from a well. It was during this mundane act in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Nazareth that the most profound decision was ever made: a woman accepted to have God dwell in her.

Christ, Krishna, Caitanya
December 17, 2018 – 12:33 am | 4 Comments
Christ, Krishna, Caitanya

Within the Krishna conception we find Sri Krishna Caitanya, the sacrificing half of the equation of love, Krishna endowed with Radha’s love for himself. In this manifestation of the Krishna conception we also find “the way” personified. Sri Krishna Caitanya did not die on the cross, but he did forego the love of Visnupriya.

Gopi-gita and Kirtana-mahima
December 13, 2018 – 12:33 am | 4 Comments
Gopi-gita and Kirtana-mahima

Hearing King Prataparudra recite the gopis’ glorification of Krishna kirtan, Sri Caitanya awoke from his trance as if answering to a trumpet. “Go on reciting! Go on reciting!” he cried to the king.