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Hera Pancami and the Bhava of Dwarka

July 11th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Laksmi is like a commander-in-chief going to attack with many soldiers. I have never seen anything like this, nor have I ever even heard of such a thing

Sanskrit 101 and the Misery of Material Existence

July 8th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

The world is a mixed bag; we know that. Good and bad permeate our lives. Sometimes we are happy, and other times we are sad. Even though our hardships begin with birth itself and then graduate to various forms of disease, leading to old age and inevitable death, we manage to find moments of respite, even relish, as we make our way through life. If we are fortunate enough to find spiritual awakening, we can even move beyond the dualities of material existence and taste the sweet nectar of the Absolute, eternally


July 4th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

In his book, Saranagati, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur has explained the Namastakam, eight prayers in glorification of the holy name, written by Rupa Goswami. The whole thing is described there very beautifully

Love is the Answer

June 27th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Deep introspection reveals that our potential to absolve our karmic debt on our own is limited as best. As debtors we would do well to connect with greater capital, and the way to attract such an investor is through bhakti, divine service in love

Interpolation of Scripture

June 3rd, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

That there are different manuscripts of the Srimad-Bhagavatam is evidenced by the fact that acaryas have cited variations that are not present in other manuscripts. More importantly, however, the very nature of the Puranas lends itself to variation over time

The Philosophy of ‘Her’

May 27th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Are non-biological creatures capable of consciousness? If so, does that mean that we humans might one day be able to upload our own minds to computers

Female Gurus in Gaudiya Vaisnavism

May 16th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

It is really quite striking that during Mahaprabhu’s times women served as gurus even though the socioreligious norms were much more conservative than today

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