Celebrating 10 Years of the Harmonist
March 18, 2019 – 1:33 am | No Comment

This month the Harmonist celebrates ten years online. Launched in April 2009 with inspiration from Swami B.V. Tripurari, we have published over 1,000 articles exploring the depths of Gaudiya Vedanta and how modern thought and intellectual trends interface with the tradition of Caitanya Vaisnavism.

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Lively, insightful commentary on contemporary issues facing spiritual practitioners.


Book, film, and audio reviews of contemporary Gaudiya media, as well as a wide variety of media of interest to the spiritually minded.


News from around the world with an emphasis on alternative press that is especially relevant to spiritual practitioners.


Excerpts from classical Gaudiya texts, with and without commentaries, hosted by teachers with whom readers can interact and ask questions.


Philosophical articles on Gaudiya Vaisnavism that focus on the tradition’s scriptural conclusions as well as its feeling for the nature of ultimate reality.

The Life of Sri Jiva Goswami
January 7, 2019 – 12:30 am | 11 Comments
The Life of Sri Jiva Goswami

Sri Jiva turned his back on this illusory world to tell us of another, which, as it turns out, is no more than this world when viewed through eyes anointed with divine love.

Why should anyone care about Thomas Merton today?
January 3, 2019 – 1:33 am | No Comment
Why should anyone care about Thomas Merton today?

People want “real” Christian models who inspire us by their by their committed struggle in life to keep the faith.

Faith and Femininity
December 31, 2018 – 12:33 am | 5 Comments
Faith and Femininity

By Ananda-mayi dasi, originally published at Ruminate, a place where writers, artists, believers, and seekers share stories, poetry, and art, including the stories and work of those who are nudged forward, backwards, and sideways on the …

Charity Begins at Home
December 27, 2018 – 12:33 am | No Comment
Charity Begins at Home

We change our lives superficially, but not on the inside. We change without really changing. Our changes do not touch our self.