Om Tad Vishnu


rigvedaBy B. R. Sridhara Deva Goswami

The Rg Veda mantra says: om tad visno paramam padam sada pasyanti suraya diviva caksuratatam: The divine feet of our holy Lord are like the sun above our heads. His holy feet are like the vigilant eye of a grand guardian hanging over our heads like the sun, and we are living beneath the glance of that vigilant eye.

We are interested not in objective, but in subjective reality. We shall always try to live not in objective but in subjective relativity. We should never think, “Under my feet I have firm ground to stand on; I am big. I shall stand erect.” Rather we should think, “Above my consciousness is super consciousness; the vigilant guardian’s eye is always watching me. I am living under the glance of that eye.” Our support comes not from below, but from above. He is our shelter. We are hanging from that substantial upper world wherein he resides; our support is found there. We must always be conscious of that.

This is a principle mantra in the Rg Veda. Before anyone approaches a new duty, he should think about his own position. We have been instructed by this verse from the Vedas to think in this way: “You are under the vigilant eye of your guardian, and that great eye is as living as the sun; its glance is just like that of the sun which is over your head. Like a light that can pierce through to see anything within you, his piercing glance is upon you.” With this understanding of identity we should approach our duty. We are never encouraged to think that we stand firmly here on solid earth and that on the basis of a strong position—independent of his grace—we can carry out our dharma.

Actually, in our subjective relationship with divinity, we are just like the rays of the sun. Where do the sun’s rays stand? They stand on the sun—that is their source. In the same way, we should think that our stand is in the realm of divinity; we are so many particles of consciousness, and our stand, our motherland, is that conscious area. God consciousness means Krishna consciousness. We are consciousness and we are meant for Krishna consciousness. That is our relationship. We should always be conscious of this fact. We are connected with Krishna consciousness. We are members of the Krishna conscious world. And we have come to wander in the foreign land of material consciousness, mayika, misconception, thinking that we are units of this material world, but it is not so. We are units of the conscious world—the Krishna conscious world—and somehow we have come within this material conception of existence, the world of matter. Matter is what we can exploit, the objective side of reality, and the subjective side is the element we should revere. Our relationship with the subjective is that of reverence and devotion to the higher entity, and not that of exploitation or enjoyment. Real enjoyment, divine enjoyment, comes from service, not from exploitation.

The article was originally published in Loving Search for the Lost Servant.


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  1. Thank you very much to The Harmonist. I came to office, opened this website to find Srila Sridhara maharaja’s necatrian words. What a great way to start the day’s work. Om tad Vishno paramam padam.

    I like this website very much.

    The article on Solar eclipse by Sriman Nitaisundar das was amazing. The realization is so wonderful on how SriKrishna becomes Shyama being eclipsed by the love of his dearmost devotee SriRadha only to appear more brighter as Gaura. So wonderful.

    Thank you Harmonist for giving this ste.

    Please keep up the good work.

  2. it is really fantasticand useful to the society. in addition in temples the following verses are added.vishnor ya paramam padam paryapya anantarayaya sarvothamathi ratra sarvatra jittai sarvamevanapnothi sarvam jayathi.i may be wrong in some places. where can i find the verses. thank you for services rendered. sampath

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