Mortgage Crisis


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  1. Gurunistha,

    this has to be my favorite to date! The people demand more.

    Once we meet again, we might continue the negotiations of publishing. 😉 And yes, we still feel that the minor notation would be a good idea, for those not that well versed in the scriptures. (like the cartoon above – you really need some background information to get it.)

    But anyway, excellent one, keep it up!

  2. That’s the way voidists think-“Being harassed by material existence,they decide to annihilate everything–unfortunately,even their spiritual existence.”

    • madan gopal das

      As we learn from Srimad Bhagavatam, Narada’s detachment from material life was in no way the same as the “voidists”. The detachment of the devotee and the detachment of the jnani are much different. Due to association with “the Bhaktivedanta’s” from a young age, Narada’s detachment from material life was enriched by an attachment to a positive spiritual existence – to the point that he was blessed with the darsana of Bhagavan. We should not confuse the renunciation of the devotee which blossoms from love for the Lord, with the renunciation of the jnani’s which sprouts like weeds from frustration with material existence.

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