Five Regs

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  1. Devyah-pati das SERBIA

    Haaaaaaaa ha!!! But, this is very difficult for me!
    I mean, nearly impossible! So I understand mataji
    on the comic 🙂

  2. I’m in serious trouble.

  3. No facebook, oh no!! Guruji, will the Harmonist harmonize that?

    • In an effort to harmonize, this may not be reference to the popular Facebook phenomena of today. Notice the odd capitalization in the word “FACEBook” that would be incorrect if referring to this internet site. Here FACE is given preference over Book, and this of course is a problem for sadhakas. We should not judge a book by its face! Nor should we merely put our face in the book, but rather we should read it with our hearts. We should not FACEBook, but rather we should interface with the book. Nor should we push a Book in anyone’s FACE, as much as we might like to at times. And lets FACE it, there is more to spiritual life than a Book. It is also said that one can read another’s mind by looking at his or her face. The face is the index of the mind. Thus the face itself is a book, or at least an index to the book of one’s mind. But one should not read this book–one should not FACEBook–because in this age such reading will only disturb one’s own mind. So I would not take this little comic picture book, if you will, at face value. It’s not literally speaking about Facebook, which of course only selectively tells us what is on another’s mind, thank God.

      • Wonderful reply!

        I confess I often put my face on so many books only to find that I read some of them with no less heart than the author’s own heart was written all over the work. Also, I confess, in the past, I have pushed quite a few books in quite a few faces in the crowd; and with such gusto that said faces lighted up like it were Christmas right there and then for all to read, like an open book, spelled out all over my own face. Oh yes, and on returning to the ashram, the temple president would advise me to keep up the good book distribution formula – “Its all about face”, he would say…

  4. Without Facebook I will feel so faceless and btw, I found a reference to this comic on Facebook so lets face it that we really need it 🙂
    So, thank you Guru Maharaja for giving us a green light for interfacing with Facebook.

  5. Are you serious, Gurudev? No facebook? Maybe you can give me a little slacking on that one? I promise not to eat meat, fish and eggs. I promise not to gamble. I even promise to sleep with my husband ONLY when we want to have babies, but please, please give me a little breathing room on facebook! 😀 LOL

  6. Her head is not covered. So if she can’t cover her head, how can she restrain from facebook? 🙂

    • But Radhika the covered-heads are the most active on facebook. They just don’t put that on their walls, obviously.

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