The Nature of Choice

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  1. I think this video is significant because it elaborates on one of the defining characteristics of the Western (and American in particular) mind. As sadhakas, I think we do well to have these tendencies elaborated upon and tied to our daily behavior for us, as alone we are less likely to reflect and identify our habits for what they are.

    We often hear of things in sastra and from sadhus concerning the “enjoying spirit” and the “causeless unwillingness to serve,” but often times we can benefit from even further elaboration on how these faults appear in moment-to-moment life. It is too easy to think we are beyond such things if they are not spelled out for us. That is why I have always loved the anistha bhajana-kriya section of Madhurya Kadambini, because the depth of analysis stands out and forces us to see things about ourselves. Properly conceived, psychological insights like those in this video can have much of the same effect, in my opinion.

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