You are Not the Center

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  1. There was another video similar to this put out recently, and I for one love to be reminded of how insignificant we earthlings are in comparison to the bigger picture. Also, hearing that the entire material manifestation is only a fraction compared to the spiritual universe is truly mind boggling in that Krishna and His incarnations care enough about us here to come and give us a glimpse of our real Home!

  2. Vikram Ramsoondur

    Great post. This has been one of my favourite videos for some time.

  3. Vikram Ramsoondur

    This one’s good too. Check it out.

  4. Yes, but atheists like Dawkins use the same argument to say that earth is too insignificant for God to come here, looking at the size of the universe. Also try to imagine, people making rules of not crossing a certain ocean (brahmins) and obsessed with the details of varnashrama, which are meant for this insignificant earth. This makes many religions and their need to feel superior based on their location on earth, customs, diet look stupid.

  5. Awesome Video, Awesome Soundtrack.

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