Addicted to Risk

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  1. A very sad commentary on the insanity of greed and being disconnected from Nature. The power of illusory linear narratives is expanded on as one of the sources of “knowledge” that motivate exploitation with little fear of consequences, and the need for realistic cyclical perspectives is given as part of the solution to our current environmental mess.

  2. bijaya kumara das

    She is right about the garden hose in the sky. They are finding traces of bad elements at Mount Shasta and the like so they have already started.

    I travel CA and NV for the past 13 years and have seen a change taking place. The white misty air of the coast has now been seen moving inward over the last few years. It was holding at the lower 2000 foot or below level but in 08 and 09 I saw it rising to the 5 to 6,000 foot level and then just this year 10 to 2011 it is now seen at the 7 to 10,000 foot level.

    It use to dissipate and not be seen for a time but it now seems to be there daily. I live at 3500 feet in the Sierras and it is now hovering daily at about this level.

    It now seems to go away at about 5 to 6,000 feet but lately this last few trips when I travel to NV though Echo pass it seems to be as high at there most of the times and the last time it was as high as the summit at Lake Tahoe and is continuously seen in the Carson City Valley. It is like a white powder. Take a look for your selves.

    I believe they are dispersing it in the fuel we burn.

    After a hard rain the CA valley cleans up but you still see it at I5 as a trail of white between the Sierras and the Coastal range (Napa Valley).

    I hope they are going to stop this chemtrailing of America and the World.

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