Swami Darshan: Has Science Replaced Religion?

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  1. What science does have to offer, in terms of researching the assertions of religion, is the scientific method of hypothesis, procedure and conclusion. In this context Vedanta Sutra presents the identical approach using the Sanskrit nomenclature of Sambandha, Abidheya and Prayogena.

    It is immediately obvious that maximizing our quality of life in terms of material arrangements cannot address our ever-present quest for the total fulfillment of our experience of consciousness. Without including feelings like love and joy, and freedom from anxiety in our formula for a successful life-quality experience, no amount of scientific manipulation of the material elements will emerge triumphant.

    But science is restrictive in it’s approach in that it wants to confine it’s experiential methodology to the realm of equipment, sense perception and logic. Science can never hope to offer us the full spectrum of satisfaction that we seek while barring the most vital ingredients of the human experience from the arena of research.

    On the other hand, experiments into the full-blossomed mystical experience of consciousness are outlined within the culmination of Vedic conception. Not only are the ingredients of love and devotion admitted into the laboratory but also a minimal measure of faith is indicated as an essential catalyst. And that requisite faith is intelligently generated by associating, in an attitude of apprenticeship, under the direction of one who demonstrates the qualities of mastery.

    A piece of iron or magnesium can be placed in a test tube and viewed objectively within certain limits. But when we are considering the full spectrum of experience of the heart, the real scientist has to discard the robe of objectivity and in fact dive into the test tube, as there is no other way to expose the most vital aspects of his being to the quest at hand. This fact is driven home more stongly when we understand that the results derived are not a function of mechanical application. A response of confirmation will be dependent on our level of sincerity in our endeavor to cultivate our highest abilities of selfless devotion and sympathetic joy in relation to the proper recipient of our affections. In other words the aspect of reciprocation through grace becomes part and parcel of the overall formulation.

    This is real science. The gayatri mantra encourages us to see ourselves as effulgently worthy and inherently qualified to enter into this exploration of our reciprocal relationship with the Absolute Truth. It is not that science is to be discarded in this, the greatest adventure of life. But the real scientist has to expand the spectrum of ingredients, as well as bring forward enormous courage of heart, abandoning concerns of vulnerability, and lay himself bare on the alter of research with all the enthusiasm and humility at his command.

    Our striving within the confines of mundane science certainly indicates our lack of satisfaction, and great anxiety over our ever-present condition of vulnerabilty in all ways. Therefore we are not in a position to demand proof up front. But the non-material, or spiritual master, is always afoot, dredging this realm for those who are ready to enter the laboratory of the soul. And the demonstration of unconditional love is evident in this eternal canvassing by the Absolute Truth and His empowered servants.

  2. Science – is the new Semitic religions, its high priests represented by those arrogant scientists, who talked in linear terms and reject any other darshan, or pathway to truth, and debunk all religious and spiritual truths/wisdom to realm of mythology.

    • There are different “departments” amongst the Semitic religions, just as we have so many Vedic oientations: vaishnavas, impersonalists, jnanis, yogis, mystic powers, demigod worshippers, etc.

      Those who watch the “news” can understand that Isreal is gearing up for a full scale military attack on Iran, with U.S. backing, and seeking United Nations support. Also, Isreal is heavily involved in its on-going halocaust against the Palestinians.

      On a global scale today, those who really make governmental decisions are the corporate elite, while the front stage politicians are puppets who translate the underlying issues into PR that is acceptable to the public.

      As long as people have their various religions it is more difficult to control their thinking. There are various dissident groups among the Semitic peoples. Therefore it is probable that there is a campaign, through education, to streamline all Semitic religion into impersonal scientific mumbo-jumbo, thereby difusing the heart of oppostion to governmental orientation.

      Scientific research is funded by corporate interests. Just like government, science becomes another voice of the corporate elite. Similarly, religious leaders will play ball with big business. So whether it is government, science, the media,the FDA, or religion, big business pulls the strings on all fronts, manipulating the thinking of the masses – so as to maximize their year-end financial bottom line. For example, by invoking fear of Muslims through media propaganda, the U.S. can manipulate the public into thinking that U.S. war efforts in different parts of the world are for the protection of the Americasn public.

      None of this is very important to us as vaishnavas, as long as we are not noticably effective in influencing the thinking of the masses. But if and when that day comes, that great propaganda machine may turn its ugly head in our direction too. Our interest in sustainability, cow protection, alternative technology, simple living and decentralization and self-sufficient community life, and decentralized education – all of these are opponents to the interests of the corporate elites that run this world. And all of it is tied together by our faith in our spiritual ideals. Therefore it is understandable that corporate apprehension will embark on campaigns to, as you say, “debunk all religious and spiritual truths/wisdom to the realm of mythology”, thereby rendering them lifeless as forces of opposition to the reign of profit orientation. This is the invisible atmosphere that we live in today. As world systems collapse in the decades ahead,and people are forced to adopt decentralized approaches to survival, the resulting communities will experience more an more opposition from the power elite.

      This is after all, the material world. These materialistic currents were strong enough to make Krishna leave Vrindavan and choreograph the battle of Kurukshetra. He didn’t simply sit under a tree and dictate the Bhagavad-gita so that we could live by it. He presented the teachings as synonomous with the implementation of practical opposition to ungodly elements. Not that we should engage in military warfare. But we should be aware that our way of life, our way of thinking, our spiritual culture -will always be a thorn in the side of self-centered, ungodly elements. Therefore they are always at work, how to devitalize our orientation.

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