Swimming contest


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  1. I don’t understand the message behind this cartoon.

    From a material point of view, perhaps it means that all of our aspirations are doomed by the inherent nature of the material realm which will certainly consume all of our hopes dreams.

    From a spiritual point of view, perhaps it means that even on this spiritual path that we are eager to embark upon, there are so many dangers that can take us out of the race.

    What is the intended message, Guru Nistha Prabhu?

  2. Ishan, your first interpretation was what I had in mind. The comic is striving to show how impossible and ridiculous competition is in the world because there are only losers here.

  3. What about BG 2.40(nehabhikrama naso’sti …trayete mahato bhayat)?And how do you account for apraradhas,then?Particularly Vaishnava aparadha?

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