Listen to the Earth: Be a Giver

feba9854b5-rain-scenery98eb765By Karnamrita Dasa

A week of rain
with more on the way
a full morning
of sadhana and prayer–
My country spot calls me
favorable for contemplation/writing
secluded place by the creek
inspires many themes to share.

As we prepare for prayer
by remembering our dependence
on our Gurus and Krishna
I prepare for the wetness—
Donning rain gear/umbrella
practical, yet symbolic staff
reminding me of Vedic knowledge
which supports/directs me.

A special quality
of Nature’s green
on overcast days
light defused/otherworldly—
Iridescent, exciting green
seemingly vibrating aliveness
my redwood forest days
first revealed this wonder.

After so much rain
the trees/ground soaked
mushrooms everywhere
the smell of wet leaves—
Though the rain has stopped
a secondhand rain continues
water—drip, drip, dripping
from leaf to leaf, to the earth.

Such soothing sounds
meet the flowing spring
now muddy brown
flowing fast with new life—
Sitting amidst the trees
all vibrating growth and life
is that Om I hear them chant?
they sing their song of peace.

Amazing experience to be open
just closing my eyes to receive
listening to the water sounds
sending out love and blessings—
Everyone and everything’s a teacher
I receive so much from Krishna’s Nature
meditating on the supportive Earth
a supreme giver of necessities.

A Vedic statement teaches
all wealth comes from the Earth
we are glad to receive her bounty
but don’t think her happiness is giving—
The Earth, like a cow
teaches us that to be full
we give in love to others
whereas miserliness is hording.

For all of us the question:
how to increase my giving
as a way to spiritual attainment
based on love awakening—
Model and follow the greatest
Krishna with his devotees
joyfully sustain and inspire all
giving their heart and soul.

Nothing extraordinary here
just sharing basic Life 101
simple yet profound truths
if we take the time to listen—
Amidst our busy/chaotic lives
sitting in Nature to reflect/chant
reading the Gita/Bhagavatam
remembering life’s purpose.

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  1. Murālidhāra das

    The flow of thoughts and ideas are so nice to read from you. Please keep contributing more. I very much appreciate the ease of assimilating your compositions.

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