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  1. Devaki Nandana dasa

    ALL GLORIES TO ALL THE VAISNAVA DEVOTEES OF LORD SRI KRSNA!—I noticed that there was not even one comment on this ‘cartoon’.Well,I would like to make a comment:THIS PARTICULAR CARTOON IS GREAT! I’m sorry to have to admit that some of the cartoons in your excellent HARMONIST do not ‘tickle my fancy’.This one certainly is very funny and insightful.This one could really go places–it ‘has wheels’.I will return to THE HARMONIST more often now–not just for the high quality of the articles–but for little gems like this ‘comic’. HARE KRSNA! and JAI RADHE! Hoping and praying to serve your servants,Devaki Nandana dasa

  2. prahlada bhakta dasa

    Very pertinent comic indeed! Thank you Gurunistha Prabhu.

    It is a typical mentality of a neophyte devotee (like myself) to think of other devotees as neophytes and oneself to be better than everyone else. One having such a mentality cannot see the good in others and sees himself as the best of all and the most sincere. And as nicely depicted in the comic, the devotional practices of such a neophyte are also pervaded by this mentality, and thus to make progress in bhakti-sadhana becomes all the more difficult.

    i pray to Gaurahari to kindly rectify this mentality in me.

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