Girls’ Education in Vrindavan

Originally published at Vrindavan Today.

On June 15th, Marie Avgeropoulos, a renowned actress and one of the stars of the popular Emmy-nominated sci-fi series “The 100” hosted an event to benefit Food for Life Vrindavan in Los Angeles.

The event featured six short films about the charity by Avgeropoulos’ “Without Exception Films.” During the event, Ms. Avgeropoulos shared about her recent trip to Vrindavan, and took questions from the audience about her experience.

Here are the six short documentaries filmed by Avgeropolous onsite in Vrindavan:

Originally published at Vrindavan Today.

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3 Responses to Girls’ Education in Vrindavan

  1. satra-vani dasa

    Very good effort by the people involved here.
    But I hope that they can also show the social problems in the USA or other such “developed” countries, and not just focus on India, African countries, and so forth.

  2. These appear on Vrndavana Today but I don’t see these promos on Dandavats, BTG, or other Iskcon sites so I’m wondering if this is an Iskcon project. Does anyone know the back story here?

    • sastra-vani dasa

      Brahma Prabhu,
      This is not an ISKCON project. The ‘Food for Life, Vrindavan’ is a project of Rupa Raghunath Pr, who was earlier a part of ISKCON.
      The FFLV also gave facility to Kurma Rupa Pr. to house all his cows of the ‘Care for Cows’ project. This is in the Kiki Nagla region outside Vrindavan. They were also building a school there when I last visited it. FFLV has some wealthy patrons from the larger secular society and is thus able to do social welfare on a large scale. The Sandipani Muni school run by them is an all-girls school in the Chaitanya Vihar Phase-2 of Vrindavan. I used to live not far from this school. The oxen used in the ox-carts for carrying the students belong to the Care for Cows.

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