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  1. Quite high price for a light bulb 😉

    • Well said Brajasundari!

      That is about the limit of the enlightenment that can be offered by science and capitalism.

      Then again, real science is the science of God, the knowledge of how to advance in spiritual life. And real capitalism (real “artha”) is to know that everything actually belongs to God (ishavasya idam sarvam) and therefore our ultimate profit is to engage all our profits in His service.

  2. This is the reason ‘modern man’ is suffering so much. The so-called modern day education and ‘well qualified people’ are suffering and making other’s suffer for lack of faith in Krishna.

  3. I’m not sure which group is responsible for more cheating in this world: religion, science, or politics. Exclusive surrender requires doing lots of homework prior to taking such a step. For me, the general rule still is: judge by results.

    • Kula-pavanaji,
      The comic is not so much about cheating as it is about the materialists and spiritualists having a different understanding of what enlightenment and satisfying life consist of.

    • It seems the whole material world is run by trickery but the force of maya is so strong that it appears to the materialists to be just natural evolution of things. I regret that I ever took any of it seriously or ever debated anyone on any material subject matter because from spiritual perspective it seems it all just appears as childs play but the materialists do pull off some wonderful trickery. It is all the glorious workings of Krsna in the end I guess.

  4. I met an acquaintance at the local coop food-store the other day. He must be about 75, while I’m 69 next month. He asked me how I’m doing and I said I am aware of the aging process. Then he told me that he feels like he’s 17. And he described how his financial prospects are increasing. Then he went on to inform me that he recently had a pace-maker installed in his heart, plus a few other serious operations. But he insists that he will live forever and is feeling great.

    People have death staring them in the face, but are living in denial. They really are hoping that science and money are all the enlightenment they need – as this cartoon portrays.

    The lens that maya provides makes people myopic. Though death looms on everyone’s horizon, we press forward, enthusiastically building our castles in the sand. Are we, as devotees, also under that influence?

    Hey Gurunishtha, check this scenario out for a cartoon:

    Man looking through a visual device, like binoculars, with label on the device: “maya-focals” or “maya-scope”. He is very cheerful as he envisions a wonderful life in the material world, with all the trimmings of modern technology, heart-lung machines, people relaxing on the beach with oxygen tanks, elecric wheel chairs, people who have had colonostomies walking on the beach with little plastic bags attached. And all triumphantly declaring, “We’re doing great!”

  5. I would definitely add Marx(-ism) on the RIGHT (of the picture) 😉

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