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  1. Syamasundara Dasa

    Oh, personally I am ready for a more positivistic vision of Maya devi, also called Narayani and Vaisnavi. I don’t like to bring down your cartoons, but the guy on the left is a devotee, albeit a practitioner, and it kind of gives a misleading image and message that try as he may, Maya is the enemy and she’ll put obstacles on us. The moment we see the world from Krsna’s point of view, Maya becomes every bit as friendly as anything else, or at least she bows out of the scene.

    krsna surya-sama maya haya andhakara
    jahan krsna tahan nahi mayara adhikara

    The depiction of maya is also kind of manichaean (God and Devil kind of thing), a follower of Sanatana Dharma would be kind of appalled to see her depicted like that, one of God’s principal saktis, with a devotee of him fighting her with boxing gloves! Good luck!
    Maybe I am spoiling the idea for the next cartoon, but it would have been cuter if the sadhaka had been punching himself to a pulp and blaming maya or something.
    Other than that, keep it up! Myself, I couldn’t come up with a cartoon every week.

    • Although personally I rather think of Maya as beautiful woman she can change her form at wish. Illusion is her domain 😆

      And she is friendly here, she gives this guy a lesson and says “nothing personal”. The best friend is one who really wants our good although we can sometimes have hard time to recognize it.

    • I would say that if it is a ‘she’, this picture of Maya needs a bra, or it will be a total maya! 😉

      • Hahahah!
        No, I didn’t think of Maya as female when drawing him so don’t be worried about explicit content.

        Syama, you make a nice point but here’s what’s my thinking behind the hairy maya: It’s seen from the practicing devotee’s perspective and since he is resisting surrender, the enforcer shows in a bad light. It’s not manichaean in the sense that Maya is obviously actually a nice guy and the whole point of the new comic is that he’s just doing his job and doesn’t derive pleasure from it.

        Also, depictions of for example Durga and Shiva are quite appalling from a worldly point of view but they are both devotees. Durga is actually an expansion of beauty personified, Sri Radha.

        Also, BSST used the phrase “war on maya” more than once. So maya can be seen as the enemy as well, although from another angle she is a devotee and an instrument of Krsna’s will.

        • Maya is described in the Bhagavata as being ashamed of herself. Her “service” is unbecoming. She (Durga) is depicted riding a tiger and carrying a trident. She (Kali) is offered goat’s blood. Once Pujaypada Sridhara Maharaja converted a sakta by explaining the difference between the beautiful form of Krsna and ugly for of Kali. But, she she is a Vasinavi ultimately.

  2. Excelent Prabhuji you got the means to satisfy your needs and concerns add the website to your genius comics, very nice!
    I’m sending you people

    yours Nimai Pandita dasa

  3. Syamasundara Dasa

    On second thought, I recognize him from previous cartoons, but nothing in this one says he is a devotee; so if the guy on the left represents any person with an exploitive nature, I guess it’s fine.

  4. The monster looks friendly and soft but just clumsy.

  5. I feel bad for that little dude. Please just count out man… Don’t get back up!

  6. Both have hope. Formidable the eyes of the maya face above, maybe inviting him to a better choice of Maya… =)

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