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Bhakti Behind Bars

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  1. Thank you to all the Vaisnavas (is) who have made it possible and live in that Bhakti and have taken it that way and shared it… Seeing it I couldn’t to let of to remember this so present that a few days ago I read from a transcript that he shared a long time ago Syamananda Das prabhu from a class of Srila Tripurari Maharaj from previous years.How Krsna always enters wherever and whoever to seek and find His lost devotee in many times. “… Then he asks one of his friends, Suvakya: “Say something eloquently, you about the trees”… and he says-he defers to Krishna´s eloquence. One of his qualities that stand out amongst his friends. Thus He spoke in glorification of the trees. Everything he said about them applies equally to his friends. So he is really increasing the circle of his friends, bringing the trees. in This is what he said: “Aho! as is the case with a sadhu ”, (Guru Maharaj repeats) from trees those who are in need do not leave in sorrow.” Beautiful, all glories forever! =)

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