Sincerity is Everything

By Swami B. R. Sridhara Deva Goswami

“Who and what am I” is all mentioned in the formula, given through the spiritual advice of the guru-parampara. And we must reach that goal. Through following that line in a strict sense. If I take advantage of the carrying current of dedication through yoga-maya, I can see Krishna everywhere. If I go with the outgoing current of exploitation, I will find myself in this material world of birth and death. Krishna is there, everywhere, behind everything. With a deeper vision, we will detect his hand in everything. Bhagavatam states that everything is positively good to you.

Through every incident, Krishna ‘s will is approaching you. With sincere attention you try to read your environment like this. All transaction is with Krishna, all affection, no bitterness. Always search for service to Krishna, the heart satisfying Lord, and you will find he is by your side. He is waiting with his hankering heart for everyone. It’s only imitation love we find here, like Romeo and Juliet, but unfortunately we are mad for that. But how beautiful and desirable the center and source of all real love must be. Love personified, how beautiful and attractive he must be. Just as the dogs cannot understand human society, so we cannot see that world, from our maladjusted consciousness.

 Vrindavan is where everything is beautiful and all are loving. Vrindavan is where our soul can experience the happiest environment. The deepest conception of our soul we shall find in that soil, and its highest utility can be experienced in the land of love and beauty, where God is called by the name Krishna. So dive deep to find the plane of reality, leave this dream world, and find that most fundamental reality within you.

Sincerity is everything and the sincere souls will never be really troubled. By coming to a genuine guru we can learn who we are, where we are, who is our guardian, who can save me, who is my own, and what I want from my inner heart. Why I am imperfect, why I am uneasy, and why I feel no comfort. For all these answers you must cry out for that, search yourself and you will find help is coming to you through those agents from the plane of truth. They will come and interfere with your mundane predicament saying, “Don’t dig your own grave and enter it, you are our own brother, come back home with us.” This kind of search is helping your own search, eliminating all other proposals that come to take you away from that highest campaign.

So that formula from sukriti to sraddhasadhu-sangabhajana-kriyaanartha-nivritti, then nistha and ruci, asakti, and bhava. When we reach the stage of bhava-bhakti then we can have some glimpse. But only then can we be lifted to that plane of prema where we can see Krishna through the eyes of divine love and then we may enter raga, anuraga, bhava, mahabhava. Through these progressive stages we must pass, if we wish to live in his divine civilization.

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