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Why We Need Monks

September 30th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

Religious communities serve as icons of the Christian life. Today more than ever, we need their witness of poverty, chastity, and obedience to counteract our contemporary excesses

Myth and Math

September 12th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

Because mythologies and sciences alike aspire to be true, they are perpetually under revision. Both lapse into dogma when this revision stops. A mythology that has suffered such a fate is often known as a religion. But where they are healthy, both mythology and science are as faithful to the real as their practitioners can make them

Srila Prabhupada’s Journey West

August 12th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

In honor of Srila Prabhupada\'s boarding of the Jaladuta on this day in 1965, Srila Sridhara Maharaja glorifies Prabhupada\'s blessed journey, life, and the prayer that Prabhupada composed while traveling across the ocean

Forgiveness Beyond Herself

July 18th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

In the hour she is most herself, forgiveness loses herself in the knowledge that never has there been anything to forgive; all has been, is, and always will be well. Then she is initiated with a new name: then we call her mercy

Celebrating 10 Years of the Harmonist

March 18th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

This month the Harmonist celebrates ten years online. Launched in April 2009 with inspiration from Swami B.V. Tripurari, we have published over 1,000 articles exploring the depths of Gaudiya Vedanta and how modern thought and intellectual trends interface with the tradition of Caitanya Vaisnavism

Confronting the Culture of Death

February 18th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

The issue before us is death. Not only our individual death, which is more imminent for some of us this morning than others, but our collective death. We have begun the sixth great mass extinction

Jaya Sri Nityananda Rama!

February 17th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

Nityananda Prabhu traveled throughout Bengal making his humble appeal: \"Give all your attention to Gauranga and you will be benefited beyond expectation. This is my request to you.\"

Must We Learn to Love?

February 14th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

Is love an art? Then it requires knowledge and effort. Or is love a pleasant sensation, which to experience is a matter of chance, something one \"falls into\" if one is lucky

The Beauty of Charles Darwin

February 4th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

Darwin reasoned that beauty existed ultimately unto itself and for itself alone and did not think it was necessary to connect aesthetics and survival

The Many Ways We Try to Replace Religion

January 24th, 2019 | by Harmonist staff

Some who reject both traditional and non-traditional supernatural beliefs are attracted to what I refer to as “supernatural-lite.” This label encompasses beliefs that require a leap of faith and have characteristics reminiscent of religion but do not explicitly rely on the idea of supernatural power

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