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The Ostentatious Vrndavana dasa Thakura

May 2nd, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Because Vrindavana Thakura has in such an ostentatious way apparently committed some wrong against that particular unbelieving section, it will draw Krishna’s attention

Sri Balarama Rasayatra

April 22nd, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Balarama’s confidential talks with Krishna’s gopis made Krishna fully manifest in the hearts and minds of the gopis. In this exchange, Balarama has the mood of a servitor of Krishna. He is fully representing Krishna with no desire to enjoy Radha’s group for himself in any way

Hridaya-Parikrama: The Spiritual Pilgrimage Within One’s Own Heart – Part 2

April 18th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

If there is a conscious noticing of being the perceiving witness of whatever is perceived, then there is the immediate opportunity to utilise one’s always-available natural ability to drop interest and withdraw attention, thereby breaking the first link of a ‘chain’ which generally follows to ‘bind’ attention in the absence of such conscious awareness

Rama Lila: From Vishnu toward Krishna

April 15th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Rama lila draws us beyond Vaikuntha by speaking to us of the possibility of sakhya, vatsalya, and madhurya even while it does not afford us those opportunities itself. In this way it indirectly points to Krishna lila.

Visistadvaita of Sri Ramanujacharya

April 11th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

In Ramanuja’s view, a special relationship exists between Brahman, the jivas, and the world. He calls this relationship aprthak-siddhi, or inseparability. With this term Ramanuja seeks to logically explain the identity and difference of Brahman

Try to Find Your Home

April 4th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Losing things of this mortal world is not bad; it is all coming and going. The body itself, the center of all this activity, will also vanish. Then what is the necessity of collecting so much energy for the bodily connection? So, awaken your soul, the real person within; search him out and try to help him. That is possible only with help from the sadhu

Hridaya-Parikrama: The Spiritual Pilgrimage Within One’s Own Heart – Part 1

March 28th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Before commencing this sacred pilgrimage which is completely individual and unique within each of our own hearts, perhaps it might be nice to attentively and sensitively review some practical preparations for the adventure that we are conjointly embarking upon, just as we would naturally be inclined to do if we were preparing for a pilgrimage to the holy dhamas of Vrindavan, or Nabadwipa, or Jagannath Puri

The Compassion of Sri Caitanya

March 21st, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has shown by his own example how compassionate love for all animation arising in the context of the culture of uttama-bhakti precedes the attainment of bhakti-rasa</i

Be Prepared for Anything

March 14th, 2024 | by Harmonist staff

We must be prepared for anything; anything from the environment may come to us, but we are to face it with optimism. That is the key to success in our life

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